Indie Films I Love

1999 ♡ dreamers ♡ I have loved The Virgin Suicides book & film since my teens. Any soft focus, hazy art about girlhood is always my cup of tea🌸 I love indie films with female leads so send any suggestions my way if you come across ones you think I would like!💕 When I'm not designing and working on business stuff, I like to watch films to give me things to dream about🌤 Swipe through to see some of my favorite indie flicks I've seen in the past ten years🌸 I love indie because the plots tend to be more original and the cinematography is usually more atmospheric & dreamy compared to mainstream movies💓 Growing up, watching indie films always filled me with hope about the beautiful moments you can experience in life and love💛 My dad got his Bachelor's in Filmmaking from the Academy of Art in San Francisco when I was a baby. I remember he often would watch movies the second time around with commentary on to learn more about the way it was filmed. So ever since I was little, I too was always intrigued to know about the behind the scenes making of movies. Here are some of my favorite indie films that I rewatch over and over🍒