Country Gardens Lookbook

 While developing my clothing line, I fell deep into the reverie of being a girl growing up in the 1970s and early 80s. Many women in that era wore prairie dresses abundant with ditsy florals, lace, and pastel ribbons. Some collected dolls that wore prairie dresses to match the ones hanging in their closets. When I first uncovered this door into history, I was immediately entranced. I myself began to collect these vintage prairie dresses and dolls, carefully seeking out only the prettiest pastels and florals. I imagined a world where all of us wear these dreamy prairie dresses everywhere, akin to the world we see in movies like Emma and Marie Antoinette. With my clothing line, I reimagine these vintage dresses that carry you into a prairie daydream every time you wear them. Introducing the Country Gardens lookbook, photographed and modeled by Belle Daughtry in the English countryside.
- Tayma